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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Week and no post???? Sorry!

Well, with all the rain, cleaning around the barn, getting more hay, making sure I have plenty of pellets before they stop making them, Stocking up on feed, it was on sale? never seen that happen! I have been spending more time at the barn but not enjoying the horses.

I have been trying to go riding with a lady that owns the little healthy store two doors down. No matter what I did the weather, horse throwing a shoe, or work got in my way of being able to keep a riding date.

OUT of the blue we have three customers call and say they were coming by the next day. Well I was not about to cancel again.

As I was putting the last of my equipement in the trailer the man from Australia drives up. I couldn't just walk out with out saying hello. So I shook hands, appologised for the horse/leather smell, went up stairs to get Jerry. We all made our introductions and I excused myself as soon as I could.

I was late for my riding date. Susan lives up the road but it's nothing but curves 1/2 the way there and then gravel one lane drive the rest of the way. For those of you who know my area I was towing my two horses toward Lake Lure through the curvies over to Gerton.
I got to the second turn and got stopped by a huge dump truck. I had just crossed a creek and had to back up out of his way back onto the previous one lane gravel road.... I was just glad we didn't meet a mile closer to her house where there are no turn arounds and I didn't see many driveways deep enough to accomidate my long bed truck and my long trailer. I got there very VERY late.

I have to say Susan was so sweet! not upset ! we went on a short ride but places I had only been once or twice. It was so clear we could see all the way to lake lure area... it was beautiful! The trees are not making their normal show but it was serene all the same.

I enjoyed our ride so much. I am going back Sunday with out the second horse so She and I can ride as fast as we want. Navarre is still very slow... actually he will NEVER be a fast horse, he is built for stamina not speed.

so yes it is raining today, and expected to rain all day tomorrow, but expected to clear Sunday and I am going to trailer SweetPea back over there and have as much fun as time will allow. Thank you Susan for allowing me to ride with you! I had fun and am looking forward to more.

We got our camera back from repair... no changes, the pictures are still not crisp.
We got our computer back from repair and I hope to start using it first thing in the mornings BEFORE I have the animals to tend to.

Mornings are when my mind is more creative instead of being dulled by all the things I need to get done in a certain time period.

Talk to you later.

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  1. Hope you got to ride yesterday and the pix of Navarre is absolutely beautiful