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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day for Shoes!!!!

Today is appt day for the horses again. The Ferrier is expected! I have to say, I have been in this area for seven years now had horses for six. In all this time I had One Ferrier I liked but a bad day for he and I concluded our business relationship is all I can say. I had gone from one to the next sense and life only got worse for my horses. UNTILL I was introduced to Stacy Miller.

There are several facts you have to understand, I have been exposed to some of the best Ferrier's in the South East. So I have a certain level of expected professionalism and skill of a Ferrier. There were some I liked as people, but didn’t like their results. Others I didn’t like their personalities around my horse or how my horse reacted to them. I am such a picky person when it comes to ANY of my animals, work, pet or otherwise, if I am not being included in on their care, I do not like it to put it nicely. If someone can't handle my asking questions about what or why they choose to cut, trim or set a certain way, they don't need to be around my animals or me.

But STACY MILLER!!!! Is wonderful! I have a very timid mare and he takes his time, he takes a good two hours with her or more if she needs it. I like this!!!!!

Navarre is just a baby and doing well for his age but is yet to be perfect, while he does not lean on you as you have his foot, he doesn’t hold it up for you either. So one can get very tired holding a foot/leg that thick!

Stacy and Casey (his trusted assistant/apprentice) are both so kind, so sweet , and patient with my animals I enjoy the fact they can calm my animals instead of making them worried etc… Stacy does a hot shod which I like especially on a year like this one where it was basically wet the entire summer. He doesn’t just heat shoes but is talented with the art of metal. He makes sure it really fit’s the horses foot.

My biggest LOVE of the situation is my horses are so happy after their feet are done! With some Ferrier’s the horse has tender feet for 24 hours up to a week. Stacy puts the kids so perfect they can’t wait to run after having their toes are cut back and their shoes are perfect…

I am impressed with Stacy and Casey and happy to see them take care of my horses!

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