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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cold and Cheating!

In all the freezing around here I forgot to tell the world.

I left my lights on Wednesday after taking feed and water to the horses.  No problem I thought... I've got the truck.  I turn the key on to allow the start now light to warm up, I go to disconnect the trailer while that is going on.  Not so easy, never is... plate, block, key, lock... crank... and sure enough it's frozen together.  So I go back to the cab to start the truck, thinking I'll allow it to warm while I get out the hammer to knock this thing off... Krrr Krrrrrr Krrrr Krrr Krr kr k ..... Oh what the heck!

So I run in the house YELLLLLL for the husband... and he allows me to take his truck!
I get to work JUST on time...
No Car
No Truck and the world to care for in the morning!
So I start making my plan in my head, perfecting it all day, my times, my route (I only ever make one big circle) my list, making sure I don't forget something I'll have to do next week etc....

Open the car hood this morning to jump the car first... ? NO OIL cap on my engine!   What the heck... ok so one more thing ... route, stop, list etc...  Take other off silver car in basement!

Uncover water insulation box
hook ups, two nozzles, clean water trough, put out hay, do feed so it can soak, and allow them to graze.. and then... take a breath while it is filling up.

( Car still running so the battery is charging)
Auto Zone, cap!
Flax seed oil, Southern States,
Bird feed, small  and medium... (no medium it had expired) I was in a great mood when I walked in but by the time I walked out I wanted to strangle the woman!
Horse Shop (Balsam Quarter)  didn't have what I needed...
Airport exit, out to Mills River to the BEST FEED Store in Western North Carolina.... didn't have gloves in my size but got three bags of feed.

I had to drive to another bird store I couldn't find it! but what caught my eye was Neo ... Neo Burrito oh I desperately wanted to rush in get a veggie burrito and go on my way.  But if I was going to cheat on my diet I at least wanted to do it going out with someone else....

So I rushed to the second bird store ( I  had passed looking at the two new buildings on both sides of the old place.  They too did not have what I needed but they were nice about it! mater of fact and fine! I got a few things and rushed home.

I asked Jerry if we could go out for mexican! I love mexican foods, He wanted to finish watching what he was into (Tennis) and I took a nap.

1. I rarely take a nap
2. Even when I am desperate to take a nap I can rarely get relaxed enough to do so.
Not today! I fell asleep and the MD called.  I fell right back to sleep and one of Jerry's customers called!   OGM... I just want to sleep....
I didn't realize it was time to eat dinner, I forced myself up, and we went to our favorite dive... I got a shrimp salad...it was so much better than I expected it to be, I didn't finish the salad and I didn't bring it home as that was my cheat for the week.

So we shall see if I gain weight from the one meal.  Or if like 2 weeks ago if I just don't loose any.

I've lost 10lbs but that is about it.
I am not starving. I am a little hungry more often but I just eat when I feel like I need to, given the chance.   So I have almost lost all the weight I put on going to Nashville to care for Mother.  My clothes almost fit better.

My leg feels much better!
Now I just need to start getting back on the bike to exercise again.
Cheating can be fun when shared! ha ha ha...

My love to the world

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