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Friday, October 31, 2014

accidents happen.

As I lay here in bed tonight my mind spirals out of control.

My day started perfectly. Billing, Shipping done for hubby...
NEW update on the neck is just torn muscle that will heal with time.
Then a ride out to Biltmore.

The ride was glorious... The quiet, the colors, the company! Don protected me... as I call it from an on coming van. Sweet Pea was about to have a kanipshion fit!  She was high strung from the start and was dying to run the entire ride.  I was in her mouth holding her, neck bent, but barely listening ... so... with one sprint of a run and Sweet Pea was so excited she was hard to STOP.  But I did when I heard the NOISES behind me. My riding companion for the day on Navarre... was off and barely breathing.  Alive yes, awake yes but legs moving from pain.

got both horses tied them together and had to let them go to assist my companion.  The rider came off when Navarre balled up to jump forward with more speed, or so best I can get from his description.  Those who have ridden Navarre know this is unexpected and can catch you off guard.  My riding buddy fell off with a heavy thud onto a tree knot that had fallen onto the path etc... He was riding well, sitting tall, but all this happen so quickly it just ... happened.

I asked him to stop moving, rest, breathe.
I could see his pulse in his neck.
He could see, He wasn't bleeding, I asked him to stay still... he could move everything so he propped up on the side of the path so he didn't have to use his back etc...

It was when he went to get up, realizing the horses were GONE...
He was determined to get out of there.
HE WALKED down the path...

I whistled for the horses and they either stopped or headed back towards us. YES he tried to get back on... He realized that likely was not the best idea.... so He walked out of those woods like he was marching head of a platoon and leading the way.

I got the horses settled as he stood around wanting and begging to help me.
PAIN rushed him as he got in the truck... and ... we went straight to the ER .
I rushed to get a wheel chair and mouthed for HELP! Two nurses came out and took care of him.

I know.
I thought he was a goner.
I thought he was going to have a broken back
? damn it! I figured I was going to have to call 911 and have an ATV get him out, while I knew the horses would find other horses and that too would send people looking for us.

I rushed the horses home.
I threw out hay and left.

Another alarm was my hubby was home and he was planned to leave for a little time in Nash.  Had to check on him, see if he was ok; explain to him what was going on and go back to the ER to see if Don had at least been tended to at some level.

He had a basic x ray showed two broken almost dislocated ribs.
The blood had pooled so much this too showed up on the x ray and caused more concern so another test was ordered and a good and bad result was given.  It was actually 4 ribs broken but the lung not punctured as thought.

Thank GOD he is going to make it, but the poor guy will be in so much pain for the next week and then six weeks.

Oh bad I feel does not easily go into words.

FYI... I didn't blow my diet today I had stuff with me but I was so relaxed at one moment and so worried the next I didn't get hungry.  I did make myself eat something once I got home. After going back to the barn giving the horses more water, disconnecting and draining the hose line.  Lordy I will never get to sleep tonight...

Life is good but it changes in a moment.
My love to the world.

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