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Friday, October 24, 2014

daily drummm

Life today was as normal and mundane as it gets.  OH except that I died my hair ORANGE this morning! ha ha ha...

I had the ONE day off this week Thursday... and did the hard labor it takes to keep a barn going and lay a few concrete pavers to get the horses a little more settled.

Today that effort paid off.
Sweet Pea was in her own spot eating her feed and not being upset with Navarre.  Yesterday he was for a third day in a row badly battered from her kicking him in her fit of anger.

She hates small spaces while he doesn't mind them.  So all the blocks left are on his side and her side nice and open as she likes it.

While I am normally dragging with little to no energy, living by consuming coffee; today I had energy, and even took a moment to go get more fat for their winter feed needs. So my food change for myself is perfect and on track with my needs.  Otherwise I have no other changes in my life to allow me more energy with little rest in my days.

I decided to change them (the horses)  from the 18 % rice bran fat I normally get to the 25% flax bran fat (new to my area) from Southern States down town.  I also got some Hard Keeper while there; because my favorite smart packs stop carrying the product and I find it works well for Sweetpea.

Life is good and my walking at work today added up to over 5 miles for the day. (not including barn work etc)

Life is good and I'm out for the day, as I open first thing tomorrow BUT I don't have billing or shipping either!   So a late morning for me will do the trick!

My love to all

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