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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Making HUGE changes.


So I have gained weight. My leg hurts all the time. While I push myself with my horses, my house suffers, and I am tired ALL the time.
This is what we started with... just basic stall mats keeping the area somewhat clean.  Sept 27th 2014

I made a huge change three weeks ago today!
I have gone Vegan, Non GMO, GF  for any and all meals I make myself, and or I choose to eat out alone.
I will however eat whatever is on hand when out with friends and family (all within reason)  I'm not going to order a small house salad, a large steak, with three side items loaded with cheese sour cream butter and bacon.

Oct 4th 2014

Having said that I have ... I repeat! ...
I have had three cups of coffee with cream out with workers each Thursday!   I also ate gluten free muffins each of those days as well  Ate some wonderful cheese tots today!!!! .  So yes they had eggs in them! Other than my hard labor days.. my eating going over our days goals etc... This life change is going well.
Oct 8th 2014

I have to say yesterday was the first day I actually had energy!
YES I wasn't dragging myself in or out of the barn.
This morning I actually got up without an alarm at 5:30.. like I used to!
We... Don,  Darrell and myself got more done than I expected... even after breaking one of our necessary tools!  
Oct 16th 2014

I haven't written here because I have not had the energy!
I've been working 5 to 6 days a week.

I've ridden my horses only once in the last two months.  (last Friday and Navarre gave me a time...)

My only day off this week was today!
I got lots done... We got 1/4 of the horse patio done (or so my family calls it)
We rocked, sanded, and pounded the new 1/4 section and the horses are now walking on the first area completed.

Of course basics were also done today!
Cleaning trash around the barn,
Cleaning (Clorox) the water container )
Got hundreds of pounds of feed across town.
Even washed some clothes today!

Oh well I can only say I HOPE to have the energy to give a daily update as I once did...
Weight, measurements, horses, horse blocks! (horse patio at barn) and everything else going around there!
Oct 23rd  2014

Love to all

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