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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Funny how silly things brings back such childhood memories.

These apples and the bowl have likely been in every home I grew up in.  While I do not remember them in the old "Falls" house in Joelton Center.  I know they were always in the kitchen on Lain Hollow, they have moved with my mother having been in the dinning room of her small house, and now in the living room of the house she now shares with her lovely husband.  

The apples are plastic!  They are a typical item from the early 70's found in most homes of the day in the south during their fashion.  But we lived a little out of the way in those days and had relatives/ friends who lived much further out and rarely went to others homes.  Emma Lou came in once and simply took an apple from the center of the table and proceeded to bite into it!   While a gasp was all that could be uttered she soon realized they were not real.  The bowl however was found outside my great grandmothers home having been forgotten or dis-guarded at some point; but as you can see it is in perfect condition and has had a great life in my mothers care.   Growing up our kitchen was large, large enough we could all five work in it at once, large enough to throw parties and not have to leave the kitchen.  My mother once more has a nice large kitchen, this time with a stone center island instead of the old cutting board (island) 

Life changes for us all but there are some things we carry with us.  This bowl, those crazy apples, and the stories, the laughs, and all the kitchens they have lived in make me smile. 

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