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Sunday, August 17, 2014

simple things.

Simple things...

French Onion Soup.
Wild Flower Bouquets

Making the most of what you have when you have it.

A mad craving as soon as my feet hit the cold hard floor. I put a cup of coffee into the microwave for one minute and in that sixty seconds I open every cabinet, freezer, fridge, and even stand at the pantry.  sour cream, butter, dried cranberries, and orange oil... (it will have to do in a pinch!  I normally use it for cleaning but it is food grade.)  eggs, vanilla, baking soda, milk and gluten free flour premix.  Crap!  I do have all I need, now do I make the effort?

My hot coffee in hand, I got out the eggs, sour cream, butter allowing them to sit at room temperature just in case I decide to take the plunge.   Another cup of coffee... my last! Ok... so I have got to make more coffee, so I may as well turn on the oven and make the kitchen a complete mess.

While my last cup of coffee warms in the micro again, I grab all the rest of the supplies for scones. Start a pot of water for the next french press... cinnamon and coffee in the craft ok now to organize the dry ingredients; turn on the oven, and premix all the wet stuff.

Wow that took no time.  Do I even have a baking sheet?  butter and corn meal the baking sheet dump the mixture, and cut!  DONE... only 18 or so minutes and ... I'll clean the dishes in the sink as I wait.  We all know I'll never hear the timer if I leave the room.  All the better, cleaning up this mess will take about that long.

At 15 minutes I was done and so were the scones.

The smell filled the house and even Jerry decided to have one for breakfast for going his normal egg and such.

Life is as simple as you make it.... Today the simple won and was a delight to my senses.  Smell, touch, taste, and the sound of my hubby being quite pleased with it as well.

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