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Friday, August 8, 2014

Just before the sun comes up.

Each morning as I sit at my desk, supplying Pirates' Lair customers with toys they can't wait to arrive;  a steady but faint thump happens just before shadows can be cast onto my paperwork.  At first I dismissed the sounds, the visions of flutter, but I have always appreciated them.

My morning ritual is watching the bats fly back into the eaves of our house, not a foot above my office window, as I sip on my coffee in between each customs collection.  They have moved or simply more prolific;  upon our moving into the house they lived above the garage door and I would catch their droppings and sell them for a little spending money.   Now it would take effort to do so as they have moved to the other side of the house, or possibly just away from the constant moving of my going in and out early and later hours through the garage door.

Bats are an incredible animal that are good to have around, especially in wet weather as we are suppose to have in this area.  Life / Nature tends to be lending itself back to the norm of rain fall in the past two years.   Last year we had too much rain... this year we are barely above the norm but still... it rains at my house and the barn very frequently to say it nicely, north of town I hear it is not so much.  I suppose I can only say I have been lucky with water these past two years, prier to these recently a serious draught weighed heavily on me each day.  I have no running water for the horses, I am VERY dependent on rain for their survival.

More to come as my camping trip with the horses evoked memories, thoughts, and actions in my daily activities.

My love to the world!

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