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Sunday, August 10, 2014

They are out! She said...

After 1:30 am but something woke me up.  it's a sound I know I heard something!
I sat up!
There it is! What in the world?
I then saw the flashing lights.  White, not red, I nudge at Jerry.
I get out of bed.  Flashing, and a faint horn sound. I peek out of the shades... Jerry there is a car in our driveway honking a horn and flashing its light.

I backed away desperately trying to find clothing, hell, at that point a towel would do.  No sounds below in the house, the birds are not freaking out. What could be going on?  Everything rushing though my sleepy but shaken mind.  Oh they are backing out! he said.  Wait no they aren't

Forget it I was either saying to myself or him.  He turned on the light.  I 'm naked in the brightness, but thanks to his help I found my robe. I tied it around me as I walked down the stairs, turned on the porch light and a woman comes into light as I step out on the porch completely at the mercy of strangers.   They are out! she said as a man shows in the light, they are across the red fence grazing but we saw them and.... but we didn't want to knock on the door.    Sadly a well learned neighbor from the recently nationally known  IDIOT who shot a poor woman for asking for help in the middle of the night.  I half way understood in the fog of my brain being still more than 1/2 asleep.

Five minutes... I said... I'm asleep and I have nothing on.  Five I'll be right there!

It was the horses! I screamed to my almost deaf husband as I turned back on the bedroom light and rustled for anything to wear.  They are OUT! why didn't they call? Likely they did but my phone is down stairs, (he can't sleep with it in our room..) Pants, and a T not yet folded and put into the wardrobe!  Keys.... get a gate key as I rushed down the stairs.  What has he done now ... as I grabbed the keys and headed down the basement stairs.

In the car... going beyond limits... I start to wake up.  Oh you would grab a navy tee dark barn leggings and no socks or anything else for that matter.  I get behind a large SUV as I get near my last turn.  almost 2 am and it was fate he slowed me down.  I was after all driving like a mother to a dying child.  In my mind anytime they are out it is dangerous, but in the dark, on a curvy road where dogs are in the house this time of night someone would hit and kill Sweet Pea by accident.  She is the darker of the two.  Crap... will I ever made it to the barn?

I get to the barn ... the May's are beyond the arch of the curve, lights on facing up the mountain. I drive into my plot of land, back the car far enough away from the gate, leave the lights on and it running, unlock the gate and start with my silly but effective call.  Sure enough ONE verbal call and I could see Navarre in the light, walking his slow pace back to the property behind the Mays running car.  I call and get louder with each call, they are out of my light but I can hear his shoes on the pavement.  They come back home, run up to the barn as I call out again and again.  They Mays are so sweet they yell out to me I yell my thanks in return.  My calls my thanks are likely to have been heard all the way to main street from a top our little mountain, but I am SO thankful they took the time to sit patiently, honk timidly, and wait for someone to respond from their car.  I'll get your number next I see you out! she said just before they drove off.   I walked to the electric box and turned it off so I could run another line or find where it is broken.

I owe them! is all I can say.  Thank God for good neighbors! Thank goodness they listen when I tell them where I live off the mountain.

Now... finding how they got out before they leave the barn yard again.   Strangely enough that was VERY simple.  A gate I never use, A gate I do not keep a lock on was wide open.  NO chain? gone? no string at the bottom, for my second security.  I gave the horses their reward ... for breaking out or coming home only they know for which ... but I gave them extra hay all the same.  No feed!

I ran my fingers over each horse as they ate their hay.  I listened to their gut sounds.  Both are tight as a drum but Sweet Pea has all four gut sounds easily heard, so I hugged her and went on to him.  I could only hear three gut sounds but gave him hay anyway.   I'll have to check him again later... well in just a few hours... I'll be back at the barn my 7 am to check on him.  Then I HOPE to call a friend and meet them for breakfast as they are camping VERY near this crazy night!

Almost 3 am and I would love to go back to sleep? Like that will ever happen!

Laughing at life.
Appreciative of good neighbors.
Giving thanks for my silly calls.
Dying for sleep!

My love to the world.

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