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Sunday, August 3, 2014


While Friday was really more about getting all my business of life taken care of.  Putting my real name on my title, having the address put to my real address and getting a shot for my knee.  Saturday was a day I anticipated all week.

My day started with both horses standing as close to my sleeping quarters as was allowed by their fencing.

While I tried to get myself going the anticipation of the day was building ... and finally gave me the energy to get up out of my hammock.   We were able to get out of the farm by 8:30 allowing me just enough time to get ice for them and meet some of Paula's newest cat upon my arrival. 

Sure enough... almost 100 cats on the estate (Paradox Farms)  now, but be assured they are all neutered, spayed and READY for adoption.  So anyone in the Nashville / Pleasant View area please give this place a thought when searching for that perfect cat companion.  My girlfriend has the perfect one for you... one way or another!

One of the nicest farms in the county.  a European  Allee  flanks the drive, a 5 mph sign gets your attention.  A beautiful red horse barn to the right, an late 1800 white farm house to the left ;guest parking in between them so no one is in the way of tractor traffic.   

We started very late.  Then once we got into my horses my little girl was terrified of the industrial fan in the middle of the barn isle and refused to go much closer.  I finally got her into the wash stall a stall of dreams for the equine community.  the perfect set up with wash mats, over head temperature controlled water and even heat lamps over head... I walked Navarre into the grooming stall with ease.  Then there is Baby... Brian's horse a huge 17.3 retired jumping horse; still with good muscle tone for his advanced age.

I had once lived in one of these incredible stalls; converted into a New York style efficiency it was the best place I ever lived.  No matter horses or cats. there were no animal smells in this place, it is always kept beyond average standards. I could write a book on this farm but that would not tell you of my day. 

I knew with my horses being pasture horses the prep would require more than my horses are used to.  Sure enough, my girlfriend started on Navarre making him a dressage pony instead of a cart horse.  After her finishing, I caused issue after issue, having forgotten most of my English gear.  I forgot the nose band, the mouth guard, and best of all an English girth.  Lucky my girlfriend had everything we needed, but it took time; my little boy is big for some but TINY compared to any horses she had.    

As we moved out to the dressage ring, Sweet Pea and Baby went crazy for each other so we had to bring them out to the ring as well.  In doing so, something happened when I walked away; Navarre throwing my friend into the fence, Sweet Pea breaking a fence board in half and Baby squealing like a ... well a baby. 

Navarre got a coming to Jesus discussion from Paula (to say it nicely) and thus started my ride perfectly at odds in a new place.  When I got on Navarre he was shaking, I could feel the magma mount and knew at some point he would be Mount Saint Helen with me flying 20 feet into the air. This horse has so much power it can cause you fright going into a full canter, much less when he is upset as he was as we started.  Here I was at odds with a horse that normally does anything I ask, then the fight within myself started as well.  He was confused I was confused and I was loosing it fast! 

The jest of the story is I've been riding cowboy (free) style and now asking or using full control of my horse.  I find I am more of a leg rider than I thought. Having dropped my formal outside reign therefor not assisting Navarre with his front end and expecting him to move from the motions of my butt and legs only.  It's like driving a car backwards where each move is amplified, but not perfect.   We finally had a meeting of the minds, he calmed down, I calmed down and we finally completed our circles, figure eights and serpentine figures in this perfect dressage ring.   After he relaxed we floated on air, we started to move together as we normally do instead of fighting each other with each step as earlier. 

My only other appointment for the day was to meet with Mother and Bill.  Grant you I was in a navy t-shirt full seat riding pants, and it was almost 100 with heat index.  I had not washed my hair in 4 days, only taken a wash from the horses water bucket morning and nights, and I had just ridden Navarre for two hours.  But we met at the Mexican place in Joelton central.  While I looked like death, likely smelled like death, I fit in just fine.  Most everyone there I had gone to school with at some point, they stared, I stared back and waved.  

My Mother looked amazing! having lost several sizes, wearing newly fitted clothes she looked much healthier than when last I saw her.   We ate and talked for almost two hours, never holding a place someone else needed, so I enjoyed my time out of the heat, in the air conditioning, and thoughts of my husband as tennis was on the televisions at both ends of the place. 

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