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Thursday, October 30, 2014

A good day off.

It was again  a normal day but a GREAT day as well.

Don, Darrell and myself got phase one of the equine patio completed! I am so ... excited.

Today we went from... THIS

All the way to THIS.... 

View INTO the barn area... 

From in the barn...

Life is going forward... I learned SO much about laying these things by hand, and almost got it really going on fast by the end of phase one.
NOW I have to save my money again, purchase 6 more pallets of pavers and get started on phase two.

In the mean time! I plan to get my new hose extender that is going to be industrial strength
Close up and cover the insilation box for the water hose. 
Create an insulated LID for the horse water, as well as an insulated box for it!
Not to forget I have to put up the forest fence again.
Put up a fire wood shed! 
Get some trees cut down and out of the way (put onto the west wall )

My "diet" went out the door today as I was with the guys all day. 

cream in my coffee...  a muffin (regular) for breakfast... and yes... a SANDWICH for (1\2 of one) for lunch.  I gave the other half to the hubby... 

Pumpkin seeds for dinner (Jerry had carved a pumpkin for his mother)  

All is as it should be.... and I'm happy.

Signing off, want to get in some good sleep so I can ride in the morning... 
My love to the world 

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