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Monday, October 27, 2014

great energy....

Today was another day with great energy.
I have NO idea why or where all this is coming from, as once again the only change I have made in my life is the vegan diet to get this weight off!  While I believe I have lost 5 pounds in three weeks I have to say I tend to weigh differently from morning to night etc... So I say I have lost this amount because I am weighing myself after my morning coffee, after going to the barn... and after my shower while I am dripping wet.  SO ...

I have lost inches... lots of inches... and the energy is CRAZY!
I have had more and more trouble sleeping through the years.  I thought it was my hormones getting out of wack, my husband snoring like a freight train, and getting older!   Recently the husband has complained about MY snoring! but even last night when he woke me up more than 4 times I was able to get back to sleep (I have never been able to do that)   BUT this could have been a fluke for only last night.

Having said all of that my knee pain is not as much as it was three weeks ago.  I say this as MORE about the little bit of weight I have lost and not as related to the diet change itself.

These are ONLY MY results, nothing scientific here! only me, one person doing what I can when I can and how I can to get my weight off my bad leg, keep my life going forward in a way I am comfortable with, and I am NOT preaching or telling anyone else what they need to be doing.

I had an apple with almond butter and hemp for breakfast.
I had beets in orange and ginger, an avocado, and cauliflower in curry for lunch...
I had a banana with peanut butter and hemp for a snack later in the day...
and tonight I didn't crave a dinner so... that was my day... coffee with coconut milk when I got to work! (can't do that all the time it is too sweet of a creamer for me)

I had so much energy this morning I laid yet another few bricks before going to work!

I know it may not look like a lot to most but this takes a little concentration, although I have to admit I am starting to get the hang of some of it! 

I also took pictures of the trees just outside my zen spot to be... 

This fall is just amazing this year.... I am enjoying it very much.  
Yes horse friends these are maples and bamboo.  I have not yet decided what to do about the maples as they are above the barn and the leaves could blow into the fence below.  NOT sure but keeping an eye on the situation!  

I also had to stop and take a photo of the sun set tonight... it was breath taking! 

Life is good and getting better. 
I am moving around well, having energy to stay up and type out my day... and enjoying the mornings again. 

My love to the world 

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