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Monday, January 26, 2015

Our Parents

My parents, your parents, and all parents... they all do the same thing!
They do the best they can with what they have.  

Why does everyone blame their parents?
No I'm not saying my parents were perfect, no one's parents are, but they all put one foot in front of the other and do the best they can while more likely they were losing their minds.   You likely have no idea what your parents were going through as you were growing up.  Money, jobs, marriage, love, religion, social norms, social expectations, you likely have no grasp of the details.

Some how with their own luggage/ baggage/ scares or whatever you call it; they did their best to expose you to the world.  It may not have been the world of your choosing, but it was the world to which they had access.  Are you able to expose your children to a restaurant where each person has a private waiter? Are you able to fly your children around the world first class? Are you able to provide your children with anything and everything the disire?  No Not 99% of the world!

BUT you can teach your children what each utensil is for if they ever get the chance of eating at a restaurant with individual waiters.  You can teach your children HOW to act and take in a new situation.  YOU can make sure your children read what ever subject is your child's passion at the moment.  YOU can be a good example only by doing your best.  

If like many your parents didn't teach you how to act by example you can follow and learn from examples of people who are successful in areas of your love, attraction or passion in life.

The point is your parents do NOT make your choices for you.  They either showed you a path or they were not able to, don't EXPECT them to do more than they can; only YOU have to power to make your choices from today out, not your parents, friends or family.

EVERY choice YOU make determines your future NOT the choices of your parents... they did the best they could

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