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Sunday, May 15, 2016

What a week.

Life is funny!
It takes me two days to clean my house now that my arm doesn't work the way it used to.  My vacuum cleaner works so well it hurts my arm so I have to rest my arm and do something else.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE my silly machine but it does such a good job on my hard wood floors I really have to pull it! With its special attachment I barely have dirty water when I mop afterwords.  If I only sweep with the broom it is too dirty too quickly and just causes me more work in the long run.

So I washed clothes, while vacuuming and mopping the house while also taking rest, walking the dog and running to and from the barn to plant things while I could.  My floors are now clean, all my clothes put away, and several perennials put in the ground at the barn.  As well as  a plan of what to start dividing and spreading where next.

My next few days will run like this...

Hay was cut Friday and to be baled Monday! I'll wait for the dew to burn off then run to get some guys to help me at 11:45, go get 200 bails out of a pasture and put into my containers.  I have to say I am eager to see what happens to my arm Monday considering I it here having already taken over the counter pain meds just from having worked my normal day today.

Then Tuesday one of my birds comes to the house for us to watch for the next week which means my dog will be mostly at the barn.

I hope to take a few photos as the days pass... I shall share them as soon as I can.

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