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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Time has kept me tied up as of late.  I have been so busy I've not been enjoying the simple things such as time for myself, my horses, or my bike.  BUT I have been working... and working hard to get things in order.

The tank for water and the pump are on the way! The gutters are up, the tub and milk cans are painted all a beautiful barn red.
The to do list for last week is complete!  and the to do list for this week is only twice as long! ha ha ha...

But Sunday was a day for myself!

I got to go sit the entire morning with just my horses.  Brushing them each. loving on them, and just enjoying the silence of the estate.  It was my first day at the barn, thinking only of myself.

I enjoyed taking Navarre's brades out of his mane and tail, I believe he did too as he fell asleep as I worked on him.
SweetPea was a delight and thankful for the attention as well.  But most of all enjoyed her time alone eating out in the pature with out the little one bothering or following her every move.  

Tomorrow I take yet another day for myself.  As I have friends I have dearly missed sence their leaving town.  I am traveling to Indepandance VA to see the Cravens.  I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.  You really MUST see their site... Their Works of ART!  http://www.cravenstudio.com/

ALL of the food you see on my blog is displayed on their works of art.  It is a simple thing I enjoy... eating with and on such beautiful pieces made by those whom love what they do and only thrive to enjoy their passions more each day; not allowing the downs of life to pull their passions down.

Mother has one of their small vases, and I have a table that is pure of delighted each time I use the plates they have made. 

These are some of my favorite people in the world.  I would ... travel the world to see them if need be.  I am so excited!

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