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Monday, August 2, 2010

Costa Rica

A beautiful place, nice people, and once you get out of the city... traffic... and congestion it is clean.
twice in one day i was approached with french, then german, finally they asked... when i said u. s. they were surprised....

it may have been the travel clothes... i tend to travel on a plane in 1/2 way decent clothes... it was... a black top/ cut abstract on the bottom... everyone has seen it.  and a long kacki shirt i got married in.  old... but a perfect travel pieces, never wrinkels etc...

i have noticed lots of forest gardening, that i have been studying but there have been no places to pull over, take a picture as an example for later information.

yesterday was incredible, we flew into san jose got our car, got to our hotel  ONLY by having our GPS and paying for an update JUST before we left.  please do not think of coming this way without having hired a driver, renting a gps or updating your own, which as cheaper!

our first hotel was so CUTE... very protected by a closed gate and guard, incredible food, and beautiful paintings all over the place.  Again I can not stress to you that with all the construction we would have never found it, although i had land marks from the rental company, road names, and TWO maps with all notes on them.  This is a safe country, very slow in everything but their driving! ha ha ha not one car stayed with in the lines, everyone was driving two or three deep on a one lane road. on the interstate, police parked in the middle of the road and watched as we all drove by.  Hoping to find someone make a BIG mistake, but sharing lanes, while motorcycles buzzz to your left and right in YOUR lane is .... well ... no big deal an absolute norm for the area.

a link to the hotel...  http://www.grupocasaconde.com/  while you should know much has changed sence this site was made... it is much more personal now... not as sterile.  have fun...

as we settled in, and went to get food, it started to rain... no big deal, i pick up my skirt and start walking in the rain while my sweet husband just stands there trying to wait for a break in the weather.  all of a sudden a man comes running after me with open umbrella in hand.  lkasdflaskjfjasldjadsf /.... i have no clue what he was rattling so fast... but he seemed bothered with my walking in the rain and was worried i would melt.  i quickly stoped his ramble... no habla espanole.... he left me the umbrella for later.  ahhhh vacations... when you have men running after your every whim...

The hotel... Casa Conde... was VERY nice. our suite was exactly that... a kitchen larger than the one at home ...not hard to do... a tiny living room with dinning table, nice bathroom with shower only... but two bed rooms.   Beautiful grounds... lovely place to look around, pool, jacuzie, the works...  food was perfect! lets just say i am excited about going back to this hotel the night before we leave.   a great place to stay although a little distance from the airport and not the easiest thing to find.

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