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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saving what little I can.

How do you save money or make sure you have your favorite foods again next year.

This is ONE of the ways I get my tomotoe seeds...
While I was in Yellowstone, my tomotoes went to ? crap.  BUT just because I wasn't here to eat the before they rotted, doesn't mean I can't use those bad/ rotten fruits for next years seeds.  You do have to remember these are heirloom varieties and seeds are just as good, but may not be perfect for the next years crop.

I take them and squach them into nothing... spread them out on paper towels... and note... these towels do NOT have bleach in them, which can harm or simply kill your seeds.

I throw away the peel, and much of the pulp but spread out as much as I can with the seeds.
Cover them with another towel, allowing them to dry and not attracting more pest if possible.
Once they are dry... completely!  I roll them up put them in a zip lock bag.  Make it air tight (so NOT a sandwich bag, but a freezer type) and put them in a jar till next spring!

So now I have seeds for next years perfect tomatoe!  with out having to spend another $2.00 or more for seeds from someone else.

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