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Monday, August 16, 2010

water for the barn...

Water for the barn can't come too soon!
Today started with me trying to not be so uptight! Sense I got back from vacation I have been wound tight and spinning like a new play top at high speeds.

I've taken some moments to breath,but with water for the horses and my second job of pet sitting I've been going full steam ahead.

So I slept till 7 am... this was a big deal. my first day with no animals other than my own, and hopefully mine well on their way of being happy.

I got the water tank settled, filled and then for some reason I could not get it tight down correctly.  the silly thing is round but I guess it being so wet made the situation worse.

OK... you have to understand the simple math of this situation.
ONE GALLON of water weighs OVER 8 POUNDS...
so figure at the LEAST weight... 8x65gallons of water and you have... 520lbs of water that ??? is not the most stable thing on the back end of a truck. 

OK... so I am VERY tired of PUSHING  over 500lbs of water to the edge of my truck tailgate once I get to the barn.  It hurts my back and my quads are tired of it.  although my legs would look better if I did this everyday.   So I was TRYING to get the water closer to the edge of the tailgate before getting to the barn.

IT did NOT work... I will have to go back to grunting and pushing the silly tank with my legs up against the truck bed and my back on the tank, then moving to using my shoulders....  this gets really OLD.... FAST...

I was going up the road like a Snell, got all the way to flat top mountain road and went to take the first switchback... and the *&%*^(* thing fell OUT of the truck, and rolled down the mountain.  Breaking the plug and spout on the way.  Denting the poor thing in horribly... but I finally caught up to it... emptied it out the rest of the way and drug it back up the hill to the truck.

let the horses out and started my morning trek ... going from shop to shop trying to find the replacement piece.

1st stop a plumbing co.  NO ... chemical place they said.../
2nd stop, farm store, nope... nothing that small, you have to be a real farmer...
3rd stop ... stop selling them and had only larger ones on clearance.
4th stop and hours later... found them, got two in case it happens again...

by this time I was VERY late for work, had forgotten my phone and the horses were out the entire time.

I rushed to the house.
Was VERY short with Jerry... by this time I was ?  not a good person to anyone... I just wanted my horses taken care of.
He stopped his breakfast and helped me install the new seal, plug and drain.
I got a few gallons of water to the barn and I am trying to settle by getting this down in type before I get any further

Back to pushing all that weight around tonight when I take a full 68 gallons to the barn, wash out my new bath tub, and get the horses settled for the night.

Life... just when you think you have your ducks in a row, you realize one of them is missing or an UGLY duckling.  This morning was ugly.... I can only hope the situation turns out as pretty as a swan.

much love to you all!
Hope your Monday is a little easier.

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