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Monday, August 23, 2010

Wow 6 days no post.

I have been extreamly busy...
But as life has it not busy enough...

I got a bike... yes cycle... for me to ride back and forth to the barn.  only 4.2 miles and over 1000 feet in elevation from house to barn.   I got a wopping 3.2 miles yesterday and walked the last mile!   I was so tired I could barely stand up. 

I did however get the basics done.
Hay, Feed and Feet done.  then promptly put my new bike in the back of Jerry's SUV so I didn't have to ride down hill...

I know.. it would have been down hill but please... I had already pushed myself to my limits and still have to work and function for the next day.  I know my limits and that was it.

I will however do it again Wednesday and see if I can make it back home... instead of calling Jerry.  Oh well.  Life is what it is... and I'm just trying to do a little better with it each year.

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