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Monday, August 9, 2010

Moving Horses.

Well... it has only been years (4) in the making... The barn is NOT finished or complete it has a few things to go.

1. Water.  I have no water system as of yet but am hauling water everyother day for the horses.
2. Gravel. I have no real footing beyond 20 feet of the barn over hang.

I am split with emotion.

I am excited the horses are finally on our place.
I am terrified the horses are finally on our place.

I am worried to death about the horses trying to get out and not having a friend around to warn me, call me, or ? anyone to say hey???? are you just out having fun?

I am about to create a flier, with color photos... to put in every mail box up and down the road. with pictures of the horses, ALL my phone numbers etc... I also want to figure out if I can put my trailer on the property I think I have a spot it will fit with out any issues for the horses or me. ? but this is one of the last things I will worry about this week.

I have LOTS to clean up at Joe's!
I have LOTS to figure out at my place.  ?
    a. Compost bins.  Where, How far from barn, how much exposer to sun, air, wind etc...
    b.  Gravley ... getting me a cleared path to my compost piles.
    c.  life in general...

I am a nervous wreck... How is it I can worry so much about horses?

As of this morning both horses are a nervous wreck as well.
SweetPea has thrown a shoe, She is snorting at everything! on guard, ... protective mode...
Navarre has loose stools? but water is no longer well water, so the tap water could have killed some of the bacteria in his stomach... or as normal SweetPea could be trying to kill him every 5 seconds I am not there!

I think I am going to get a cheap bottle of wine... take my table and chairs over there and sit with the horses after work... I have asked one friend to show up... and I am extending this invite to anyone else who doesn't mind the horse smell. 

The art of relaxing will be required.

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