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Monday, August 23, 2010

To Do List for WEEK

To Do List...

__X___Get Trash out of car... I hate cleaning a car but the trash has got to go.
_X____Get Gutters installed  scheduled for Tues at 8:30am...
_____Get Delivery Quote on Water system... Want Blck tank... not green.
___X__Get SEVERAL Quotes on Solar and Wind for Barn.  off grid!
     ___x__ first quote over 30,000 for next to nothing.
     __x___ second over 32
     __x___ third  28,
     ___$$__ FORGET IT!!!! I'll do it myself AGAIN!!!!
_____Get Grass seed  pasture mix... watch for sales.
_____Get fencing up around area to sow grass...  t bars out and ready.  not done BUT working on adding manure to the area first.  forgot to put this on the list.
_____Get Gravely FIXED again... hopefully just a sparkplug issue...
    __X___ Out  DONE
    __X___ research / spacing ? 
    __X___ get new one.
_____Ride Bike as much a possible.
     __X___Sun ... 3.2 only.
     _____ Wed....
     _____ Fri....
__X___Get Quotes on more rock... call Jeff... no rain expected so see about delivery late in week.
     __X___ Measure area again... for Quote.
__$$$$___Start Research on permable concrete for grade area at barn entrance. 
     __$$$$$$$___OR gravel matts / gov. issue. for state rds. in TN ,KY etc...
_____Paint Tub... for water this winter.  GOT PAINT... ? NEED TO PAINT TUB

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