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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day two and THREE up with the sound of the birds.

yesterday we got up ate... and left for our previous hotel.  to get to volcano lodge and gardens our next... another nice, place.  While the last place was a little more plush, true central air conditioning... this one is nice in that you are surrounded by the rain forest, or farming depending on how far you drive and which way.

we got here only by the grace of the gps once again. we got our car unpacked, settled in our room and out for food!  i am starting to see why i have gained so much weight.... all we do is eat ... just joking.

we sat by the pool read for a very short while, took a nap and started out to get more food. it started to rain...  found a place i had read about that does local carvings, jerry fell in love with a 'head' carving... found the grocery store got juice, and bread... got our food again... this time at a side of the road resturant so i was reading the menu very carfully but when my food arrived it was served on lettuce.  never once mentioned in the description of my stuffed avacado with shrimp... i have to say it was incredible so i risked the issue with the lettuce and ate every bite.  this is my idea of taking my life into my own hands...

it is barely 530 here, amazing all the same. my short walk to the computer was stopped by a flock of hummingbirds. yes flock....  it looked more like a cloud from a distance, but so many hummingbirds were scared by my walking through the garden, in a burst they all left at the same time. it scared me at first, i stood still and little by little they returned. as strange as it sounds there are so many flowers no matter where you look, even the trees 15 feet above my head are blooming with something.

The workers look at me as if i am a strange animal... what is someone on vacation doing up so early. this is just who i am if i can sleep good, i am down with the sun and up with it and the animals. after the computer my plan is on to a short nature walk, then i'll go get coffee, eat a little something before the husband decides to even roll over in bed, take another walk down the street and then find my way back to the hotel for another cup of coffee... Coffee that is so good there is no need for cream, or milk... but when you ask for milk in a place like this ...it comes as warm as your coffee so not to bother the perfect tempature of your drink.

Sometimes it is nice to be exposed to little things like warm milk in your coffee, it does make a difference when it is so perfect from the start.

last... as i type this the volcano is covered with clouds this morning but a bright yellow bird, with sharp shaped head like a blue jay at home sits in my sight, if you like how colorful a yellow fench is... this bird is three times the size and so much yellow it is BRIGHT in the dull hug of dawn.

back later...

DOWN came the rains, while it rained all night it was only a thick fog bank this morning as i started out to the computer,   wet to walk in, but not raining at all.  as i got into my nature walk... oh my the rains all of a sudden were so heavy my clothes soaked, my pants hanging off me from the weight of the water in them, while i had a rain coat on, it did no good!   exactly.. no good at all i have never experienced rain so hard it went through a columbia rain coat, with hood!   that will have to be another story all together.

by the time i got back to the room my fingers looked like prunes! thank goodness i had put on dirty clothes from only driving around yesterday.  this was good planning. but... now how was i going to stay dry the rest of the day, with a wet rain coat.

getting to our next place not to stay but to have fun... .. we plugged it into the gps...
first it said only 4 miles...
then it changed and said over 25 miles. 
finding the place is another story i will have to add later!  look for the link and attachments AFTER i get back.  funny situation....

we went and got ourselves two umbrellas at the grocery store, before trying to find the hanging bridges, nice ones i should add not silly throw aways... make note... if you are coming this way!
we went on with our plans... arenal hanging bridges... i have to say this is going down in my book as a must do.  the only thing i can compare it to is machu pichu.  while mp is more spiritual than here IN EVERY WAY, it is about the magical feeling of being in a forrest barely touched by human hands.

we paid our way, got our tickets, with camera in zip locks, backpack under rain coats, umbrellas over all that we were hot... but the rains poured in buckets of down water, while this sounds crazy by the time the rain rolls down several trees, leaves the size of a area rug the pool of water about to fall on you is... like emptying a bucket... i have never known a cloud to hold so much... but we are after all in the rain forest of costa rica!!!!!! and it is the rainy season... how do you think we get to do these things... off season... off season... so i expected it to be wet and hot... but wet and WET are two different things.

with the rain, it was like we were the only two people in the world, you could see through every bridge, going higher and higher into the canopy of the forest.  seeing more and more below your feet, feeling every step of the other person on the swinging bridges.  it was incredible.  i once commented the way up the mountain to machu pichu was like the first time you saw jerasic park...once again i felt like the little girl staring out the window of her little car, eyes bugged wide at every turn...  incrediblly large lush plants that you never knew existed... it was the same.. but this time i could see, touch and smell EVERYTHING there was.  i could not however get pictures... i do not have a water proof camera and the only one we could chance loosing to water damage is our little snap shot camera... so later i will have to share these.

it was incredible... an experience i will  never forget, you finally got so high, you were up in the clouds listening to water, animals and life BELOW you.  jerry and i both kept grinning at each other... it was the coolest thing i have done in a long long time. 

after our walk, we got out our lunch out, i call it my gary special cans of tuna, a fruit sheet, and cookies for desert, two macaws joined us, a toucan flew by, looked and few off, i got to see the dark hummingbirds up close, green backs only to the exposure of the sun, red tails... it purched and rested for a long time as i sat and watched.  so while it was considered too late in the day for animals it was the stopping of the rains that finally brought the animals out later than normal.  it was incredible... as if i could say that any more sorry.... but i haven't a clue how to describe everything that made the beat of my heart change, hair stand on my neck, and stopped my feet so my nose could get a better smell. 

it is only 2 18 here and it is again a repeat of yesterday... nice sunny and warm, we got back, took our showers, washed our clothes, and went to get dessert.. i had three milk cake and he had choc. pie.  i'm at the computer again, but about to walk back to the room, take a nap, then go out later for dinner... just another day in the adventures of life.  fun, sun, food, and sleeping... ha ha ha...

love you all.

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