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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day four a day of travel again.

computer says 530am i've been here going over previous post for at least 30 minutes.  i could not sleep for all the noise of the rain on the roof and the rumble of the bed from jerry snoring.  yes i had in my earplugs but for some reason ...even a brand new set drowned out most of the noise but some got through.

found of link to where we are...  http://www.volcanolodge.com/

how funny... if you go to the photo gallery... upper right side... the first photo is where i am just to the right of this photo... the second on the page is with cars parked in the lot... you can see my room... and the forth...are literally the two lawn / pool side chairs where we were when the erruption occured... have fun looking it's a nice place.   but see for your self.

i made coffee in the room last night, so i poured myself a cold cup, took a shower, doctored my sun burn, got out my normal attire... the raincoat and umbrella... rolled up my pants and headed out to the computer, with a 1/2 cup of coffee in hand.

on the walk, i was shinned on by this incredible spot light.  once again scaring the security people.... but atleast they are around all the time. 
no birds... it was still very dark on the start of my walk today, i just could not sleep
i got to the computers and somehow... under my raincoat and umbrella i now have an over flowing cup of coffee.  no matter what i do the rain is intense.sometimes you just have to laugh, and if you are like me... you have to have your coffee... so a watered down full cup is now what i will have.

today is another day of travel... we are on our way to monteverde... mountain, green or green mountain.  this mountain is a cloud forrest, not a rain forrest, so we shall see the difference.  the books say it is a bone chilling experience by defination of most americans who do not enjoy their stay as they didn't expect such climate changes.

on that note i have to say thus far this place has been the hardest to pack for.  with the rain , the heat , and the amount of walking around you want to do.  you must... if like me... protect yourself from the mesquitoes as several types are here that carry several dangerous diseases.  so long sleeves for someone like me that gets bitten if there is only one in the entire country ...it will find me. long pants, my norm...
but the heat with a raincoat, then a raincoat that somehow like mine does not work well in this intense rain... so the use of an umbrella that henders your movement that much more... i will have to figure it out, and i will by the time we leave!

i do not know if i will have computer access in the next place... a computer is not something i am willing to pay to use on a vacation, but i am happy to use a free one to pass time waiting the sun to rise, or husband to roll over and start to awaken in the am...

breakfast is not served here till 7 am so... for me this is very late.  9 am at home at the point where i would have already done a days work and settled for office work the rest of the day.  here it is a computer or reading out side on our little private deck with its beautiful views of the gardens and volcano...

Volcano... of which it has had its clear moments... something every book tells you NOT to expect at any time.  the volcano of which i have not seen the glow of lava at night... which is the main activity around here.... i did get to see an explosion... jerry heard it and sure enough as we got out of our lawn chairs a dark thick plummmmmmm rumbbled from the depths of the earth above and through the soft clouds covering the peak.  so destinctive and really intereseting to see. 

I commented to jerry this has been the year of the volcano for me.  as last year about this time... a little later... i was in guatemala climbing a volcano... playing in the flowing lava, only two weeks ago i was in yellowstone... observing all the HOT spots from the worlds largest volcano area... and here i am getting yet another experience seeing an erruption of arenal volcano from the base with a beautiful view.

These thoughts are the things that make me a previledged person. it is not a purse, shoes, or an incredibly decorated house.... all these things can be taken away in a minute... it is the experience of seeing life, the world i live in and how others do so well with what they have, and the one thing that makes it even better for me are the thoughts of who i share experiences with.  Jerry is a great travel partner, Daddy was fun to travel with... i have been very lucky!

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