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Friday, August 20, 2010

at the Barn.

Just another day.

As I go to the barn each morning at dawn... to let my horses out I ALWAYS give them a once over. 
As life is typical... so are injuries.

Navarre has kept me from posting the last few days with a nice gash on his hind left knee.  I can only assume after searching and searching the dry lot for anything he could have cut himself on, that my "precious" SweetPea with four shoes decided to kick him!  bursting and causing the knee to bleed.

So washing, and covering are now the norm each time I go to the barn. 
Hydrogen peroxide... dusting for the cut... and covering it with pink swat... to keep an eye on it from a distance and keep flies etc... from laying eggs and causing more of an issue.

It is what it is... but it is time consuming as is any cut with a large animal.

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