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Friday, August 6, 2010

In the clouds...adding to previous post.

Most of our trips start with a ride in the sky.
prefaced but having drugs so not to get sick on the plane... which knock me out.

I'm only a decent traveler because I sleep most of the time I am in the air.
always followed by CROWDS... in the air port... this time waiting on customs.

Followed by more waiting, as in an area of the world you don't speak the language... you have to take time, check things out, read all the signs and pray... you get it all right.
But thus far... Jerry and I have gotten it all together nicely.  After finding our car company, and getting the GPS up and running... we made it to our hotel...

read more about it on previous post... these are just pictures to tell the REST of the story... as in  RAIN..
RAIN and wait... more RAIN...
life is too short to worry about a little water...
Besides... didn't your parents ever let you go play in the rain?
It was a warm rain and just as fun as when I was a kid...
I enjoy being a kid when I am on vacation!
This is the first hotel, Casa Conde... in San Jose.  it is better than the link I provided earlier.. as all places... Central and South America... only get better with age... this is shown true once again with this hotel...

please see post from 8/2... as more of the story is told there...

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