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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Glorious Rain.

FINALLY it has rained here a little on Sunday, a little on Monday, a little on Tuesday and today... it is still raining.

How can it be I am celebrating rain?   Several Reasons.

Rainy days are more relaxing, it's the sound on the windows, the muffle it makes for the traffic outside, it's the way it makes the air in the house feel better (if it's not cold)

Not to forget it has been WEEKS sense I laid out seed in the pasture and no rain has helped it take hold.

Yesterday I did my work. and then went looking around at one of my favorite shops.
A second hand store, crafty, and decorative.  and all within my ability to replicate.

A sleepy cat was at the door!

I said my hello's and went on my looking around.

Old things...
New things...

No matter its age it all makes me think about what I can do with what I have at home.

I think looking at all the other blogs I love so much, I have fallen into "the Jones" peer presures of needing to go out purchase supplies and make something instead of ONLY using what I have, what I want to get rid of, what I want to update, or what I just don't like any more.

This is what I need to be doing, worring about me, my things, my life and nothing else.

I love this shop!  I am almost glad it is not so close to the house, as I would be there all too often if it were.

Crafts are all abundant in Asheville!
I said bye to the cat and headed out to get feed, and make my way home.
But it was nice taking a little time to feed my mind! 
What have you done to feed your mind today?

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