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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peer Pressure.

Yes, I have gotten all your wonderful emails asking AGAIN where are you? What are you doing? Are you OK? 

After taking some time away from the computer (as my Mother said would happen) I found the time useful for other things.

But it wasn't just that.
I have signed onto several other blogs and found myself falling prey to peer pressure.   Yes over the age of 40 and... not allowing society to rule my everyday life style but ... somehow knowing my pictures and writing was open to the world I found myself ONCE AGAIN feeling inadequate to the rest of the world.

Such BEAUTIFUL writing, photos, ideas and darn... everything is better on the other side of the fence.

I had to stop looking at other blogs just to get back in touch with my blog.  

I believe we all do this in one form or another. This is why going home is always so stressful for me.
I LOVE going home, I miss everyone, but ... somehow when I get around family the old dinamics emerge from no where.

I have one sister I have always considered the most beautiful of us three, I see her as a "martha stewart" of the sibling senario.  Always having to have the best, her home is always decorated not just thrown together like mine.
I have a sister I have always considered miss orginazation down to a fault... something I will never have in ALL aspects of my life I see her as the "go getter"  Always having her schedule what is, what needs to be etc...

I am going to start the blog back up in full speed as of tommorow!  So take notice I am putting my life back on the internet once again.....

See you later!

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