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Thursday, May 20, 2010

a great day, nice morning with a friend.

Yesterday was wonderful... A morning break spent with a friend, having coffee, walking next door to one of my favorite shops and catching up on things.

Family, wants, needs, dreams, goals, you know the things we all think of but only talk about to those that we consider "safe" friends.  Andrus is one of those friends.

While my dreams rarely change... I just want to be able to survive and live life... I don't want to follow life and wish I had done this or that.   I am a very proactive person in my own hopes and dreams, no matter how simple they are.   It was nice to hear someone else say they like how having shared my dreams over 10 years ago that I had not let them go and was working on them as I said I would... slowly but truly...

After having drinks at Starbucks....the only easy coffee shop to get to in town... we walked next door where we dreamed of the finer things in life. 

Glasses I will never be able to afford!

Soaps I would love to have for my house guest ... but ONLY if everything else was able to be as plush...

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