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Monday, May 10, 2010

Update on barn.

Life gets so confusing we forget from where we come or what we have achieved.

Here is a picture of the property Before I started building the barn.

Notice as published last year I planted the area with wheat and clover to keep from loosing any dirt/ground...

This is what it looked like just last weekend.  All NINE poles in the ground.
This is what it looked like just yesterday... After all the guys Troy, Karl, and one more hand... tied it all together.   Troy is my man in charge, but as I will take yet another picture tomorrow you will see he has instructed Karl to put up the 45 angles and it looks more and more like a barn everyday.

I can not wait till I have have a huge barn yard party...

But as usual, more trips to the lumber yard are required tomorrow....
An appt WITH TROY and the roofing options are needing to be scheduled....

I need to get land scape tembers around the area to save my ???? footing I hope to purchase some tomorrow but I am not holding my breath!

then I will need to have rock and sand brought in  and leveled out as much as possible.

It never stops...

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