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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A perfect ending to a productive day.

Lets see,   yesterday I booked flights to Yellowstone, today I booked flights to San Jose. I got a HUGE load of oak unloaded 16 footers... ha ha ha... got all the animals taken care of, done my things at work, asked three places for bids on roofing, got a good map to Yellowstone,  had a glass of wine with Joe and got loved on by my horse.

Yep... the perfect ending to a good day.

While in reality Sweetpea was probably just sniffing the summer clothes I just dug out today, but it was nice to have her allow me to love on her and to have her do what felt like to we humans her loving on me.

I brushed her again while she ate, she then followed me around the pasture asking for more.  I loved on her, and with the twist of her neck, she rested her head on my waist, ran her mouth down my legs and played with my toes...

Yep! anyone who knows horses knows this is the easiest rule but well today I had on plastic sandles ... she never sees my toes so she played with them with her lip.  Sounds groose but it was sweet, she was sweet, which for this horse is once in a month... her harmones will change and she will be a deadly animal next week.  You just have to know what to expect from her.  Which is exactly why most professionals like Stallions or Geldings.

Oh well on to my forth shower of the day... putting the home animals to bed and getting to sleep ASAP.

Hope you had a perfect day as well.

to do list?  well I'm not adding anything while business is in high gear... I have enough on my plate researching two places on what I want to do, clothes to take etc... while still keeping things at the estate and work going strong.   life...

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