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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Playing Hookie

While its still early in the day I know I’m not going to achieve anything I had planned. I’ve been asked to go on a ride with a neighborhood group. Something I have not done in months. So I’m blowing off the chores of the day to ride my mare that hasn’t had a good ride in over a month. I am looking forward to the ride; while I am sure she will put up a fight and not want to leave Navarre I’m up for the adventure.

Wish me luck! She’s an incredibly powerful girl, she’ll love it once I get her out and together with the other group of horses. She will then start to compete to see if she can’t be the lead mare.
This picture was taken months ago, and while she is NOT a Vanner she is a Saddlebred she is a wounderfully athletic horse and very fun.

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