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Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Few Days Away.

While we are all at full speed, I’ve traveled to Nashville and done my basic rounds, gotten machinery, taken care of business and worried about the horses the entire time. It was raining the day I left and has been raining every sense. This is a good thing; although the horses get cabin fever and start to pace which is not good.
The picture is just some flowers out in the yard every spring. Cute ! but I can not take any credit for them, they came with the house.

I on the other hand had several things I needed to do this weekend that are not going to happen. BUT I did go to the property this morning and plant rye just to see if it was too soon after the chemical treatment. This was the cheapest seed I had so... I took ONE BAG and put it on the area I had used as a drive. Walked the area I want as a drive and noticed I am going to have to collect many rocks before I have the drive done or I will loose some of my beautiful rocks I will need for projects later. Besides a pasture doesn’t need boulders in the grass.

I have a plan for tomorrow but we will have to see how well the rain breaks. I’ll let you know as time progresses.

Good note... My trees are in pots and have had all this rain for days, along with my collecting rain from a small area of the roof to keep them watered as time goes on. We are on the right track

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