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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Areas for food on the estate

Why am I showing you a picture of what appears to be the ditch? Because I have decided to focus on one area, and one type of tree each year. I have ordered my trees for this year and this is where I am going to put my apple trees. I have a good friend in the area that suggest I keep them at my house for the first year in order to allow them to adjust to the altitude as well as being able to keep them watered etc... much easier. I will then plant them next year! I will use the apples as treats for the horses, and food for us. I plan to dry them for off season keeping, I am planning a seller, but I also plan to use them for baking etc.. Just one more way I am trying to use each piece of the property for a purpose. The area in the picture here is well over 15 feet wide so I have plenty of room for trees down the center so traffic and horses do not bother them. While I have plenty of room here for at least 8 trees I have started with four and will decide as time and productivity proves what is best; after all there is no reason to put money into something we are not sure of. I will likely plan the ones I have choosen in their order of rippening, not in the order listed below.

What kind did I order?
  • Sheep Nose as they are an old variety thought to orginate in Connecticut in the late 1700's. Fruit is large, oblong (like a sheeps nose) ribbed, usually a deep black red when fully ripe. Prized for baking and desserts. Ripens September to October and good Zones 4-8
  • Winter Banana- Large clear pale yellow apple with a rosy-pink blush at rippening. Crisp, tangy, aromatic (but smells like a banana) I choose this one because it keeps well all winter till about April; but is also prized for making cider; allowing us apples in the off season Ripens Oct to November Zones 4-8
  • Ginger Gold- my absolute most favorite green apple! This is an early apple(ripens in August) that does not keep well except in perfect conditions but is so sweet and perfect for my taste I had to get it. One of the first eating apples of the season, fine textured crisp cream colored flesh ... perfect for salads but good multipurpose as it holds its shape when baked. Zone 5-8 but I had to have it ... I only hope it works well. Getting it started is going to be my largest issue.
  • Fuji - is by far my most favorite red apple! keeps well, holds flavor when kept properly. Ripens mid to late October. Zones 5-8

My goals are soon going to slow on the estate as this is the season for me to concentrate on my garden at the house, for our seasonal eating habbits! I can't wait to eat my first perfect tomato...

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