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Saturday, June 27, 2009


A day to relax!

Up with the birds, done with the horses (for the morning), gone to get work items for the next week, got a ball for the horse to play with and now I'm relaxing....

Of course with relaxing; my mind wanders with the development of the property. It is just too hot for a desk person like myself to get out on the tractor mid day in 90 degree weather. Not going to happen.

so my mind goes to what it will all look like, what my next step is.

I have a list of 8 contractors in Fairview NC. I am going to develop a form letter, ask for an on site appt. and require detailed bids from each. IF they want to see if they can be in the running then they are going to have to go through me. I have very specific ideas for the place, I have requirements, wants, and dreams. I expect quotes for all, so I can decide what i can afford to do and what I am willing to do myself.

I have some trees that must be removed to make the site safe. i need a cost.
I want to know if I can use some of these trees for corner post or if it would be cheaper to get processed wood. If processed wood is to be used ... how much to take away the trees being cut down.
I want a drive put in,
I want two dry lots put in, One near barn other under trees for water and shade during day.
I need a retaining wall front and back of the barn areas. with drains on both
I expect the barn quote to be VERY specific down to the type of wood being used due to the size of my horses. Oak is the softest wood acceptable in my mind although raw and rough cut are both acceptable I am NOT requiring finished wood. I expect this quote to have french drains UNDER the stalls AND the covered area, I require clutter free gutter system in the quote for the water collecting system. I would like a quote on a farm water spicket. it is specific as the water actually falls back down in the ground so it does not stay in the pipe and freeze over winter etc...

dreams of what it will look like fill my head. Gates made of old beds I have saved from years ago. One found in a fallen barn at Nanny and Paw Paws... of course modifications will be required on one side so the horses do not get a foot in it. Sliding bars will be required to protect windows on the hay barn first floor. so much runs through my head... so much filtering, plotting, drawing and ... I have to stop! just breath.... DREAMS can get in the way of reality! I only hope i can keep it all together long enough to get something done.

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