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Monday, January 3, 2011

Focus for the new year 2011

I have to say welcome!

If you are reading this blog then... well you have Internet access, and although considered a life necessity, YOU MUST consider yourself lucky! Too many people today can not afford such things you want to call basic.  Internet is NOT a basic! It is a luxury some have come to think they deserve. It is no different than earning a book, earning an education, or earning a job/wage.

Basics again for those of you that have forgotten are. 
Food, Water, Housing, and Clothing 

All of which, MANY are lacking in these hard times.  So while you think I am being political I am NOT I am simply pointing out ...  You are more lucky than you think, as even these basics are not handed out, they are earned! 

I can only see what has happened, I can not imagine what will happen.  We as a generation (one off the WWII baby boomers)  have never seen a time with unemployment is over 9%.  I had never gone to a job interview I didn't get; until I moved to this area.  It is a repressing area, that does not pay a living wage as basic living here is more than most places I have lived.  Although it matches having lived in San Fran for a short while.... Although I get no benefits I had while out there.   The area (as with any) has its down side, but the up side is just a great, and thus the nearest town ... in 2009 and 2010 was always on the top 10 places to live in the U.S. thus again bringing in more people and less available.

I am NOT making "resolutions", I am only continuing the work I started YEARS ago.  Jerry and I moved to the "small" US mountains and I immediately started testing, and trying soils, foods, plants, and trees.

Why? Well I enjoy it, and two... I worry about being as efficient as I can be.  Why does it matter?  It doesn't to anyone else, but it is MY LIFE DREAM to know I can do it!

How may of you know how to can foods? 

How many of you have had the pressure of putting up enough food for your family?

How many of you have actually DONE the physical labor needed around your house and not hired it to be done? ... on that same line... how many of you know how to do it?

We as a people (yes myself included) have forgotten, have turned our backs on more than we know today
We as a people can not continue to live life without realizing what we are doing or not doing.

Thus far, we have our barn up! HUGE task marked off the list!
     We have four dwarf apple trees planted that as of today 1/3/11 they look happy and healthy!
    To see what I choose to plant and why see previous post...Apples  

I am likely to dry, freeze and make apple sauce as soon as nature allows me to.
Drying is the easiest thing, giving us healthy snacks all year.  Some have been chosen purely for their ability to be put away intact for winter eating, but I am sure as potting shed is after all the perfect cellar positioning I will try the other methods first.
I planted the trees only a short time ago... so I do NOT expect anything from them for years yet to come.  But this is just a basic I hope to expand as time and money allow.

I have done so much research on this tiny estate, my brain oozzzesss with crazy thoughts of Independence for me, Jerry and ALL my animals I have and will have to bring the estate full circle.

My task this year is to get rid of things I am not using, organize my house better, and continue on the estate.
this years estate task is ? easier...
1.     I want to build a fence around what I want to be a garden area. 
2.     I want to create compost piles for the garden area. 
3.     I want to create a small water area for the garden area. 
4.     I want to create mounds for planting in the garden area. 
5.     I want to share this area with the neighborhood so we may all benefit from what it can put out.

I do not expect to get this all done.  After all I have no real equipment and can only plan as if I live in a small area, with no tools.  All to be done by hand, as I will spend as little money as possible, but do it in a fashion that should last for years to come.

That is what I want for 2011!

What is it you want?

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