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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cold weather focus

While winter is a down time for most.

My winter consist of walking up the mountain in order to feed, water, hay, and check on my horses twice a day, BUT only in the ice.  Snow I will drive up, but ICE... no thank you, unless the county or state wants to put up guard rails... (which is not going to happen)

Even without ice, my winters are NOT slow.
As an example... I am researching more and more about my garden site.  More and more about Forrest Gardening,  Permaculture, and your basic companion gardening.

I have such a small plot of land, but with the economy and life as hard it can be I only feel that much more determined to support myself, put food on the table for my family, and ... SAVE money by doing what ever it is I can.

As you can see several of my magazines are repeated.  Not in the same month but I keep things I know will be a positive resource later.  Each of these magazines have pages torn out that are of no use (adds, etc... ) But some are an easier read that the resources they quote for more in-depth information.

I doubt I will ever have a "beautiful" garden, but I do hope to have one that is functional.

While the site this year is FRESH, having been rested soil for the last 10-15 years.  It has much work to be done.  It is full of weeds... It is in need of tender care...   But at least now I have a plan in order to work a little, use even less, while making the rest of the garden more ready for years to come.  I have decided to use OLD European ways, not only rotating crops and compost piles... , but allowing rest to the soil every so often as well.

It is what it is... and I can only do what I can do.  We shall see.

I will how ever gladly post my plans, and progress along the way.

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