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Friday, January 28, 2011

Asheville NC and Fodor

Fodor  known worldwide for it's recommendations, I've trusted a few of my off the wall, out of the way vacations to this company so they normally know EXACTLY what they are talking about.

They hit (Asheville North Carolina) the nail on the head this time.

While the article gushes about the combinations of our vibrant destination with natural beauty.

It stresses the Unique mix of urban shopping and outdoor activities...

How Asheville is always listed as being in the top 20 city destinations in the U.S. but this time beat out places like Morocco and Nicaragua which are always contenders on a world wide scale.

How our city has been noticed by the New York Times, and the "other" Travel info company Frommers.

But as with ALL of my conversations about our little city... it ended the article quoting FORBES as naming Asheville as being among the WORST JOB MARKETS in the COUNTRY!

I had to post our little front page article...

While people love it here... if you are not bringing money into our town... don't stay! ha ha ha...

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