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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A day not worth sharing.

We all have them!
Today is a day ... not worth words.

I am fine, there are no real worries.  Animals are fine, Weather is not worth the trouble,
Truck is in the shop, Car is stuck down the drive way, But the husband has been nice enough to drive me around today... and allow me to use his SUV tomorrow before he awakes.  Life goes on..  I am just tired!  How is it Winter has just started?  How is it the forecast was mild for 2011 on all three sources I live by?   Oh how mother nature has her way of knocking the wind out of your sails after allowing you to glide gracefully into open waters, where only the stars are your guide.  I now look for my stars, but the clouds are a plenty and darkness is overwhelming.

I will post again once I can get my feet planted firmly on the ground.

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