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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cold Weather expected.

There is little to say when you live in the South, your area has no means of handling inches of snow and ice.  We are expecting to get 5 to 9 inches tonight and tomorrow.

I can only say... I have topped off the horses water, I have given them a full bail of hay for the night.  Sweet Pea has on her rain coat, while Navarre doesn't need one with four inches of hair hanging off his sides. Oh how bad he looks, but no matter what I do he rolls in the mud ... What is a mother to do?

The truck is pulled as far forward in the drive as the two extension cords will allow.  Wiper blades are in the air, and hubs are locked in for the early morning drive to the barn.

I will TRY to take the camera...IF it amounts to anything.  I have no faith in the weather announcers around here,  and can only do what I can, to be prepared.

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