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Sunday, January 23, 2011

So much so little time.

I have not blogged sense Tuesday.

It is late for me, but I quickly posted a status on Facebook as it takes only a moment, doesn't require any photos... and you never know who is reading this blog anyway.

I started the blog in order to stay close to my family, that lives hours away, and as my animal house/ no I meant house of animals grows; my time away is shorter and fewer than years past.

I did get the truck out of the shop!  Only to get it stuck within hours of getting it home.  I demolished a fence, dented up the entire drivers side of the truck from rear bumper to the front quarter panel.   Dear, dear... I shall never be able to sell it now!  Not that was ever in my mind, but... she will forever be a farm truck!
She sits in my drive way tonight, with a long bed FULL of horse manure!   It has already frozen the bed and will be there until I have at least a week above freezing AND the TIME to shovel it all out again!

I did have help before the weekend!  I got a few bails of hay to the barn, from the storage barn! got a bed load of manure taken down to the garden area, for composting, got several more mats leveled off and placed in the dry lot

Only to TRY to get the truck stuck later that same night.... having to ask for more help to get my helpers back home.

The next morning the ground was so frozen the truck easily drove out of its angled/ tilted/ leaning on my fence spot .... the ground has sense been frozen and I haven't been able to repair my poor fence, but its day will come.

PICTURES>  yes... the incredible person that I am... I grabbed the camera early to get the truck.  Took pictures of it stuck, took pictures of the SLIDE marks .... took pictures of EVERYTHING... only to look at the back of the camera... AFTER I was DONE... as it was flashing NO CARD/ NO CARD...

sometimes I just have to laugh at myself.

Silly me! life does happen.  And sometimes you just have to roll with it.

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