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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why do men love trucks so much?
Most do not use the bed on a regular basis only as a storage space for things... larger items but in a sense ... much like the over size purse of a woman.  You know your not going to use everything in that toolbox/ or purse... but you feel better having it with you all the time just in case.

Why do men love their trucks so much?
Most are addicted to the height it gives, so you can see the world in front of you, around all those pansy little cars that are in your way and only clutter the road. If they only knew how to drive most men would say!

Why do men love their trucks so much?
Most are prey to the false security the cab gives them... that box above all  with only corner framing in the way, They think they are rulers of the world in their glass houses!  

 Why do men love trucks so much?
Because with a little horse power a man thinks he can do anything, when most don't even understand they need of torque to go along with it.  But with all the false sense of power it makes a man feel... well ... more like a man, in charge, in control, and big or just bigger than he really is.

He sits back, hangs his hat, his gun, and throws his coat in the empty seat beside him.  Swigs his coke, coffee or drug of choice, sucks on his tobacco, and dreams of a life he rules.

My mother always laughed at me for dating men with trucks, even if the truck was smaller than a luxury car, after all it was a truck.
I can only assume it was inner self yearning for a truck of my own. Although I always had more respect for an old farm truck than I did a new one, after all What good is a new truck on a farm? It is going to end up looking .... old, dented and ragged ... Why pay good money for a new truck? not me!

My little F250 has been in the shop for what feels like a week, although only a few working days; it has changed my life not having my right hand for the estate. I realized I use that truck for everything.  If I don't have the strength to do something I figure out how to get the truck to do the work for me.  Move a tree, SURE!!!! If I can use my truck!

My "little truck" as I call her, is my security blanket, as I feel I get do almost anything with the power in that old truck.

I realized with out my truck... I don't feel the same way driving to the estate.  After all my little hybrid is out of place when I get out  in working boots, overalls, and several layers under them.  I feel over layered  in my little car, I feel relaxed and at peace in my truck.   I worry about how much mud is on my boot with my little car... With the truck... I could care less.  I love my car as it saves me money on gas, and while I drive it to the barn 4 days of the week, the three days I normally drive the truck, I can clean, haul, and not worry about how much or little I take or pickup along the way.  

She is old (10 years now) 
She is beat up... although I purchased her this way 
She is Scratched, dented, and tailgate even missing parts.. 
BUT she is mine, she is paid for, and she is what I need to get my work done.  

My Truck!   I miss my little truck.  I can only hope she gets home soon.   Wish me luck!  

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