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Friday, January 28, 2011

Just another day.

OK. so I am having problems with my fence.  Apparently Navarre has enough hair he could care less about my electric fence!

I am going to bring the unit home, trickle charge it through the night and see if this helps keep him in an area.

Mean while  I gave up... allowing the horses to eat my precious grass no matter how badly I wanted to save it for later in the winter.  It is what it is but... the horses are happy today, they may suffer later but they are not children to be taught lessons of cause and effect.  I will just have to figure out something else to keep him occupied

Navarre is one of the hardest horses to keep!   he will eat till he dies if you let him! And like a pig he is always into something!   At least cattle take time to chew their cud.   What to do with a kid that is ADD..... truly this is how I see my horse... he has to have a job or be eating!

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