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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dreams about our estate.

OK before I even scan any of my saved pictures... you have to understand I have dreamed of land, and a way of life sense I was a little girl.  Very little has changed over time... believe it or not the things that have changed are to be more simplistic instead of more show/ glamorous.

I collect articles, books, pictures or anything I can get my hands on that remotely inspires my dream.  When I can't sleep I rummage through my magazines, books and torn pages in file folders.

Here are just a few....   But I must give credit where credit is due.   2006 February... Architectural Digest
I saw this at a friends house and went out to purchase the magazine for my files.

Why... because this is the PERFECT art studio or guest house.    Can you imagine visiting the mountains and being nestled into the side of mountain like this picture.  The FAR west side of our estate only has the PERFECT site for such a cute little place.  Because of the grade it would require something on stilts...Thus the tree house or the Bora Bora style hut will be in the plans...   YES ONLY IN MY DREAMS!   I don't even have a house for me there YET.

The typical French Polynesian hut is only 20x 20 but so well organized you could live it!  So close to Japan I can only imagine they had the best of help setting them up.   Check it out!
Best Hotel in years past.   They have great pictures on their site it is a fun in office/home get away. And is a perfect example of a dream hut on property...  Oh yea! by the way this is MY picture, not from their site, you can tell by the trash in the trash can. ha ha ha... not to mention my lathe and toiletry bag hanging from the mirror!

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