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Monday, December 6, 2010

7 Degrees this morning.

Yesterday ... I was so content.  I had created the smells of the season for the house.

How Sweet the smells....
Cloves, apples, oranges Cinnamon

I had a glass of wine after taking care of all the animals.
BUT TODAY! my morning started out... at 25-35 mph winds, at only 23 degrees making it feel like 7!
Besides feeling like WINTER ... this was my drive to the barn.

ok... the streets are clear in front of the house! So I make my morning rounds in the car.
I get barely around the first switch back and much like Aunt Gale on her first and only trip to the estate... I could not breath and started into a little of a panic... oh my ... what if my car can't make it up this mountain? Oh my ... with no guard rails ... what if I end up DOWN the mountain, on top of a house, or ? on the edge... I finally started to feel the panic she had that day as I drove her car up the mountain.

Normally I give this mountain or any other NO Thought...I just go! Today... I wish I had been in the truck BUT only if it had a full load in the back end.
Don't get me wrong... it is a beautiful sight, just one with no curb, no rails, no ? anything...
I did as usual make it to the top with no real issues ... just that of high blood pressure I am sure.

The horses were estatic to get out.
The water... well it IS going to be more of an issue than I had hoped.  I am going to have to create a wind barrier for the water container as well instead of just the hosepipe ...

First things first I broke the ice, and threw out the chunks.  Having said that... it was already starting to refreeze BEFORE I left.

I did finally relax enough to enjoy the views from the mountain on my way down.
It is not expected to be even 30 degrees today...
So is the beginning of my day... and thus the way the rest of the week looks as well.

I do hope yours is as bright as mine.

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