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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some times it's hard.

Some times its just heart breaking when you go to the barn and RED is the color you see.


Got there tonight and Navarre had fresh RED running down his hind leg.  I can only assume in one of her typical mare fits Sweet Pea got good contact on Navarre, before he could get out of the way.

Had it been earlier in the day I would have called for some stitches but being almost 8pm his wound is not worth the emergency call. So I glued it back together and smothered it in dry cut... then with swat... all in pink! not the new clear stuff.  I like to see how my coverage is working, so I shall do exactly that as the next few days pass.

One more thing at the barn.  I have to say scars are not an issue on a white horse, the hair is already white so if it grows back it's not an issue at all.

For those of you who are not horse people, when a horse gets a deep scar it grows back as white! ? don't ask me why but it happens.

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