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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Rainy day

While not yet 7am, the morning thus far has been wonderful.  All the windows open, the breeze flows through the house and the sound of the rain is so relaxing it takes me back to times of travel.

Some of my best vacations have been in the rain.
The RAIN FORREST where water is almost constant, but I never imagined it being SO wet. With a raincoat and umbrella, I may as well have been standing in it naked.

Today, we need the rain, so I can not complain in any way... but of course I can only hope it is not so slick that Navarre and I can not go on our long ride for the week.

Yesterday we went on a short ride and he was feeling well enough that he wanted to gallop a little.  We ... Sweet Pea, Navarre, myself and a neighbor were not sure about all the running he wanted to do.  So we walked the entire ride.

I wanted to take him out and let him go.  I can only hope it breaks long enough to do that!

If not... there are always other days to go play.

a break in the weather allowed me to open my raincoat to dry out some.

Athens in the pouring rain... thank goodness for motorcycle jackets, that keep you warm AND dry!
Bora Bora afternoon storm.

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