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Friday, August 5, 2011

Smart Pak... for a peaceful mind

I finally spent the money! Yep!

I am starting to worry ... for those of you that know me ... I'm really about to freak out!

While Jerry has again planned an incredible vacation... One hotel so remote you have to kayac the amazon to get to and from the hotel.  My sweet love is INCREDIBLE, but leaving a horse as sick as Navarre is about to get the best of me.

So SmartPak it is! Click Here to connect to their site.

You haven't heard of them? Well let me tell you what piece of mind this gives me.  I just had custom packets made for Navarre!  So now when I leave all I have to do is have a bag of his feed, and a packet (with his name on it from SmartPaks ) so no matter who helps me with my feedings I'm not freaking out!

I will have to explain more than one pack a day is dangerous, as smartpaks allow me to control the dosage before it is created...  But this way I also get to visually see if he was fed, when I get back etc...

While YES it is expensive they allow me to control how often I get the packs as well.   So I have a pack made for our trip this fall and I have a pack ready to be made for what ever we do this winter or early spring. We only travel in the off season!   It's perfect for us, cheaper, and ... no kids!

I like how they will assist you with your needs, and they are a good source of information, description etc...
I wanted to copy and paste an example from their site but it would not allow it! sorry guys I tried.

They have educational tools, Vet conversations.  While it is not where I get my info for Navarre's PPSM it is a good support site for getting things that are hard to find.  XMPL... I got Vitamin E without selenium .  I can get E but it always comes with selenium and you can really over do and harm a horse with too much of a good thing, but the E dosage needed to be increased so... I ordered a BUCKET of the stuff along with the packs!

more later!

Much love to you all.

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