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Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Grind

Yep... still with the two extra birds, the three extra horses, Pirates' Lair office work, and the B&B today.

I am however so lucky I'm not expected for breakfast this morning, only to turn over rooms, and check in guest today.  I can't say it enough; my boss is a wonderful human.  I wish all could treat people this way, if all people in charge were so aware of the needs of their workers, we could all enjoy our jobs and give it over 100% which is really what a boss wants any way.

I do have to say the only thing I really miss in my life is the time to engross myself in a book, but this is nothing for the piece of mind of caring for my horses the way they need as the cold harsh winters will be here soon and I will have stashed my working rewards for just such a day.

I do want to share... Husband is looking for a new, used car.  I was saddened to come home Friday and see the same vehicle in the drive.  He deserves a NEW car but our life dictates that we stay within our means and do as we promised each other long ago... not to put the other in dept ... just in-case something happened tomorrow.  

Yes it sounds like we are doom and gloom people, but were not, we just are set in our ways so nothing changes our way of life... ( nothing that is with in our control I should say)   Could you pay off EVERYTHING you owe out as a couple if heaven forbid tragedy struck your family tonight?  Considering his life revolves around speed, and the ability of drivers around him; and my life revolves around the ability to communicate with a 1,000 lb animal.  Life insurance helps but it would not be enough for the rest of a life (the way it is) if one of us were not here tomorrow.    It's something else to think about on this typical dreaded Monday grind of a day... But one of the things most refuse to admit to themselves!  but in my mind if you don't like the conversation as a couple, then think about it in terms of your children.  Make sure your children are not going to be effected by such a life change as loosing a parent.

We are ok as a couple.... if I do say so myself.  I love the fact we ground each other with reality instead of glamour and glitz...   While we each support and even push the other to do what they want, we both exibit serious restraint on spending any money....   What else could a wife ask for.  An Equal? When did that happen? ha ha ha...

Much love to you all!

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