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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Safety List.

Safety is first thing on my mind!
SO as I have read, drooled over, and dreamed through this magazine for years. called YOUR HORSE  One of the things that has ALWAYS caught my attention is their safety gear!   A hack on the road is no big deal in the UK, lots do it, and it is not unusual for people to hack from farm to farm. They have Road Safety Test for riders...  So they have some of the best gear I have ever seen!

I've ordered some! Equisafety  check out their site! You will be impressed and if your not, I can't help you!

So I have ordered Polite gear in Pink and Yellow to throw over the horses, as well as a PLEASE SLOW DOWN vest for myself!

I ordered nose bands, ankle reflectors, so now I can use my ankle reflectors on myself instead of putting them on the horses. ( they make them for runners, but I've used them for riding for months now)

I already have RED LED lights for their tails that FLASH!  I'll just need to get more batteries!
I have a miner lamp for my helmet, but again will need more batteries as well.
I need to refresh my flashlight, and pack my shaking light for emergencies.
I will be wearing my bright yellow motorcycle jacket on the ride for more safety, I do this most winters anyway so on we go...

Boots or snow pads for the horses shoes are all ready being discussed.  Otherwise I'll be picking more than I want to.

I so often hear about people riding from place to place to fill that voice in their hearts, but I can't seem to find the daily grind of getting it prepared, or the ins and outs of the ride itself.  So this has been added to my goals/ bucket list!  Make a journal of this journey!

What you have to understand about me is... I over think everything! But when it comes to the safety, care, and needs of my horses they come first and I have to be prepared for the worst!

So here we go!  I know I will over do it, BUT I am OPEN to ideas, proven examples, and suggestions from ANY horse person out there!   I'm not a professional rider and this is not a professional job.  Just a journal of my thoughts, worries, actions, and eventually my trip with its misery, grace, and pure adrenaline rushes of experiencing life, mother nature, and the relationship with my horses.

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